Oct 30th 2016

A starting page

There are a lot of similarities across the projects I work on. For the most part, I can quickly remind myself how to get working on a project by looking at the file contents and reviewing the package or gulp file.

What I realized recently is that there are enough minor differences to make having a global jump link page worthwhile. I have a lot of php-based projects (Wordpress, Kirby) and so it's worth it to me to have MAMP Pro running.

Here's what it looks like.

This is a very simple static page with links to the various local site URLs and CMS links. The snippet of code is a handy shortcut that I can copy and paste into the terminal. The snippets simply cd into the correct directory, trigger my Atom text editor to open the files there, and then run whatever build tool is available for SCSS processing and whatever else.

I copied a few icon images in so I could indicate which build tools, CMS, etc. are being used. For CSS, I'm referencing Marx, the classless CSS reset, which is absolutely perfect for this kind of thing.

This was an interesting exercise. I don't often spend time on stuff like this, an internal reference sheet, a website that is purely for productivity purposes and not even publicly viewable. We'll see if it becomes a bear to maintain and keep updated.