Oct 11th 2016

Cobalt2 for Prism

Cobalt2 is a code syntax highlighting theme designed by Wes Bos; he's made versions of this theme for various desktop text editors as well as web-based code snippet systems like PrismJS (the one I'm using on this site) .

I recently contributed color definitions for a few more languages to ( [his repo for the PrismJS theme]. I did this to be a good netizen, but also because I wanted those colors available for use in my own website here.

Here are the syntax colors IRL below:

function foo(bar) {
    var a = 42,
        b = 'Prism';
    return a + bar(b);
<div class="test">
<!-- also hi -->
<p>Whatever ok this is <span>a thing</span></p>
/* and so on and so on */
@media all and (max-width: 470px) {
  ol.videos li:nth-child(1n) {
  width: 100%;
.whatever {
  this: red;
# Markdown

This is _italic_.
But this is __BOLD__.

And this has a [link inside](
"name" : "value",
"thing" : {
  "what" : true