Feb 1st 2016

PVH corporate site

Client: PVH
Website: http://pvh.com/
Project with: Armchair Media
My role: Technical consulting, front-end development

The PVH corporate site design by Armchair offers lots of room for the bold beautiful images that PVH's brands (Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, and others) produce regularly.

The tech deliverable in this case was a front-end system, described by a pattern library and agnostic to the backend platform. PVH's internal team took the deliverable and applied it to their content management system in-house.

The pattern library was simple, but it provided enough styles to serve all the purposes of the site including integration with third party services for financial reporting, corporate responsibility reporting, and other annual report information. We made integrations with Highcharts to provide sharp dynamic pie chart displays. We used other externally and internally built scripts to provide the menu system and various animations.