Nov 10th 2016


Client: WATG
Website: http://watg.com/
Project with: Armchair Media
My role: Technical consulting, technical project management, front/back-end development

Wimberly, Allison, Tong & Goo (WATG) is one of the top architecture design firms in the world. Their website needs were focused on a portfolio that both gave them room to showcase their work through photography and renderings, but also provided a system that supports describing their projects in concise ways that don't distract from the imagery.

The technical deliverable was a launch of the finished website, built on top of WordPress. In addition to the setup of the Armchair design by way of templates, the system supports dynamic components for an endless array of page layout options. Special focus was given to the navigation and search interface, which breaks from old standard conventions of an exposed top-level navigation. The site is enjoyable to browse, by way of carefully considered simplicity and cross-pollination of related content at the bottom of most pages.